Our primary goal is to serve the needs of clients and we do so through an integrated set of literary representation and management services. These include:

• Submitting projects to publishers and soliciting offers
• Negotiating contracts for the sale of publication rights
• Negotiating the sale of subsidiary rights—translation, foreign, etc.
• Collecting and distributing advances, royalties, and other income due

Our approach at WLA is simple but thorough. We leverage both big picture and granular thinking to navigate the publishing process. We handle the negotiation and sale of print publication rights to publishers in the English-language market, including USA, Canada, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand, directly or in conjunction with dedicated subagents or co-agents. For foreign and translation rights sales we have partnered with Taryn Fagerness of Taryn Fagerness Agency. Taryn has sold hundreds of books into the global market and has experience selling foreign rights for New York Times bestselling authors and debut authors alike. She works with foreign co-agents, publishers, and scouts from around the world. Taryn handles all aspects of selling foreign and translation rights—from attending the major international book fairs to submission, negotiating, and tracking titles through publication and beyond.

WLA clients enjoy the benefit of top-tier editorial guidance for each and every book project. Drawing on decades of experience in editorial development, we edit and polish clients’ manuscripts and book proposals prior to submission to publishers. We also offer advice and guidance on new project development where possible. We discuss with clients where we intend to place their project based on our internal research on good-fit publishing houses and imprints, and work in consultation with them on strategy, submission, feedback processing, and offer negotiation. During the project development phase, there is ongoing communication with the client, which may involve requesting additional documentation, clarifying goals and strategy, and discussing options.

In addition to our core literary representation services, we work closely with clients in the area of career planning and management. This is because we understand that publishing is a serious business and that in today’s fast-moving and competitive climate writers need to position themselves appropriately. We also provide much-needed objectivity to help our clients think strategically about writing over the longer term, stay abreast of publishing trends and dynamics, and gain the knowledge they need to develop viable book projects every time. In addition, we consult with clients on creating strong online platforms so that they can compete effectively and dynamically in a changing publishing landscape.


At WLA, our aim is to develop the careers of the writers we represent. For this reason, we do not work on a book-by-book basis but rather represent the totality of the works a client creates during the term of our agreement.

Clients must commit to a minimum of one year with WLA. After that the client-agency agreement will operate on a month-to-month basis, unless either party gives the other written notice, at least 60 days prior, to terminate it.

We use a written agency agreement which prospective clients must sign as part of our process. The agreement defines the terms of our working relationship and the scope of representation. A key part of this agreement is the client’s assurance that we will be representing them exclusively. The agreement also includes an agency clause which becomes part of each contract negotiated on behalf of a client.

In return for services provided, WLA retains a 15% commission on domestic sales (North America), 20% on UK and Commonwealth sales, 20% to 25% on foreign and translation sales, and 20% on film and television sales. Any commission charged by subagents and co-agents will be paid by the agency.

WLA is committed to the highest standards in literary representation and management. We do not charge reading fees or charge clients for our time and expense in reviewing, editing, and developing their projects for sale. Neither do we charge clients for expenses incurred in the normal operation of our business such as administrative, telephone, servers, or other overhead costs.