General Guidelines

We take seriously the opportunity to consider your work for potential representation. However, Willenfield Literary only accepts full submissions for consideration, not pitches or outlines. Submissions that do not adhere to the guidelines provided will not be reviewed.

All submissions must follow industry formatting standards: Times New Roman in black type, 12 pt. font, 1.5 or double-spaced, left aligned, with one-inch margins and numbered pages. Indent new paragraphs and each new section of dialogue, except for the opening paragraph of a chapter or section break.

Specific Guidelines for Fiction Projects

Submissions should be prepared according to the specifications detailed here: Fiction Guidelines.

Specific Guidelines for Nonfiction Projects

Submissions should be prepared according to the specifications detailed here: Nonfiction Guidelines.

Sending Your Work

Please email all submissions as attachments (no zip files) to Submissions sent to a different email address will not be acknowledged or read.

We do not accept submissions by physical mail. Submissions received this way will be recycled unopened. Do not send any work on CDs, external hard drives, flash drives or any other digital storage device. Do not send materials as a shared file or via download links — we will not open them. We cannot accept or discuss submissions on social media. We cannot accept responsibility for anything you decide to send us, so please retain a copy of your material.

Policies & Courtesies

If you have more than one category of work to submit (e.g. literary fiction and literary nonfiction), please do so in their respective separate categories. We ask, however, that you send no more than one submission within one category at a time. Please do not send a partial or full manuscript unless we have requested it.

Simultaneous submissions are accepted, provided you contact us immediately to withdraw your work if it is accepted elsewhere. Please mention in the body of your email that your submission is under concurrent consideration.

Ensure your submission is the final version. Modifications and new versions will not be accepted.

Incomplete submissions and submissions that do not meet our requirements will not be reviewed.

We will not respond to inquiries about your submission over the phone or by email.

Your careful attention and cooperation are appreciated.