Willenfield Literary Agency is an international boutique literary agency at the intersections of contemporary literature, arts, and culture. Our focus is on championing outstanding contemporary writers producing high-quality literary fiction, narrative nonfiction, graphic narrative, and poetry.

Our uncompromising focus on literary and artistic excellence distinguishes us from other literary agencies—and it defines how we work. We celebrate literature as an art form, as a vehicle for reflection and critical engagement with the world we live in now, and an arena for emotional, cultural, and intellectual exchange. We are especially interested in the ways in which contemporary literature intersects and interacts with different aspects of arts and culture. We pay attention to writers who work at these intersections and are mindful of the broader cultural, aesthetic, and social significance of contemporary writing.

Across the categories we specialize in, there is a commonality of interest in that we look for bold, vibrant, urgent, challenging, and culturally relevant work targeted at a discerning general audience. We are enamored with writing that innovates or takes risks in one form or the other—technically, stylistically, aesthetically, and thematically. Most especially, we are drawn to work with a fresh and important angle on contemporary life and the complexities of the human condition.

In line with our commitment to inclusivity, diversity, and cosmopolitanism, we aspire towards becoming the agency par excellence for a geographically broad and culturally rich spectrum of literary writers at all stages of their careers. We particularly welcome BIPOC writers, LGBTQ2SIA+ writers, immigrant writers, writers with disabilities, and other writers traditionally underrepresented in the world of literary publishing.