Willenfield Literary Agency is a full-service boutique literary agency with an international sensibility. The agency celebrates the range and diversity of North American and international contemporary literature and writing, and is committed to supporting intellectual ambition, creativity, and artistic risktaking in written expression.

At Willenfield, our focus is on representing emerging, mid-career, and established writers who demonstrate outstanding creative ability in contemporary literature and writing. We specifically seek writers who have had works published in leading literary magazines or other publications, have completed an MFA program or equivalent in creative writing, have received prizes or special recognition for their writing, or have held major writing fellowships or residencies.

Our emphasis is on high-quality literary fiction and literary nonfiction with something fresh and original to say about contemporary life. We are drawn to intelligent, challenging, and innovative projects that attempt to push the boundaries of what is possible through language. So while we certainly love compelling stories and narrative, we place an extremely high premium on craft and style. We are also passionate about projects with international appeal and potential.

Being a new agency, we are currently building our list. We welcome representation queries from a geographically broad and culturally rich spectrum of writers. We are especially keen to discover and represent writers whose perspectives have been historically underrepresented in literary book publishing—including BIPOC voices, members of the LGBTQ2SIA+ community, and individuals with disabilities.

Willenfield clients can count on our rigorous editorial approach and the close attention we pay to their work. They can also count on our deep and extensive knowledge of the bewilderingly complex publishing landscape. We will work collaboratively with clients to ensure their projects are placed with the right publishing houses—whether in North America, the UK, or other English-language markets. Once a project has sold, we will vigorously pursue opportunities in subsidiary rights—including international and translation sales—directly or in conjunction with specialist subagents. Above all, our goal is to build a relationship that will last over a client’s writing lifetime. We’re in it for the long haul—not for just one book project.

We strongly encourage writers seeking representation to research various agencies before submitting a query. We are not a conventional agency so we expect writers to query us purposefully—with a clear sense of our unique vision and interests.