Willenfield Literary Agency is an international boutique literary agency specializing in high-quality contemporary literature—literary fiction and a wide range of narrative nonfiction. The agency is dedicated to representing emerging, midcareer, and established literary writers—writers who have been published in literary magazines, journals, or anthologies, have completed an MFA program or equivalent in creative writing, have received literary prizes or awards in recognition of their work, or have held well-regarded writing fellowships or residencies.

At WLA, we celebrate literature as an art form, as a vehicle for reflection and critical engagement with the world we live in now, and an arena for emotional, cultural, and intellectual exchange. Our uncompromising focus on literary and artistic excellence distinguishes us from other literary agencies—and it defines how we work. Across the literary fiction and narrative nonfiction categories, there is a commonality of interest in that we look for vibrant, urgent, challenging, culturally relevant writing targeted at an intelligent general audience. We are especially drawn to writers who have something new and important to say about contemporary life and contemporary culture.

In addition to negotiating the sale of publication rights in all English-language markets, WLA handles the full range of subsidiary rights—including international and translation sales—both directly and in conjunction with specialist co-agents.

Our commitment is to providing outstanding services to the writers we represent. Clients can count on our rigorous editorial approach and the close attention we pay to their work. They can also count on our deep and extensive knowledge of the complex and dynamic publishing landscape. Above all, our goal is to build relationships with our clients across the lifetime of their writing careers. We’re in it for the long haul—not for just one book project.

Being a new agency, we are currently building our list. We welcome queries from a geographically broad and culturally rich spectrum of literary writers. In line with our commitment to inclusivity and diversity, we encourage submissions from BIPOC writers, LGBTQ2SIA+ writers, immigrant writers, writers with disabilities, and other writers traditionally underrepresented in the world of literary publishing.