We are temporarily closed to submissions to catch up on our backlog and attend to client projects. Please check back at the end of April 2020 for an update. Thank you for your interest in Willenfield Literary Agency.

To get an idea of the kind of work we look for, we strongly encourage you to visit our narrative nonfiction page prior to submitting a query.

We do not accept query submissions via email or regular mail. All queries must be submitted using our online submission form. Please complete the form and attach a detailed nonfiction book proposal prepared in the format described here. We accept DOC, DOCX, and RTF files that are less than 2MB. PDFs are not acceptable.

Please do not submit a full manuscript unless we have specifically requested it. Unsolicited manuscripts will be deleted unread.

We hope to see nonfiction book proposals we would be excited to represent, but please understand that WLA is under no obligation to accept any of the proposals submitted to us. If your submission is of interest, we will invite you to submit the full manuscript (memoirs only) or ask follow-up questions if applicable. Requesting your manuscript or asking follow-up questions does not guarantee that we will be offering representation.

If we are interested in representing the work (and you by extension), we’ll offer representation formally by email or by telephone. We’ll also explain the terms of the author-agency relationship and the scope of representation. If you accept our offer, we’ll ask you to complete our client in-take form and sign the agency agreement.