What We Are Looking For

We’re looking for riveting projects across the spectrum of literary (creative) nonfiction. While the use of literary devices and techniques commonly associated with fiction is important, we seek work that is grounded in first-hand observation, autobiography, interviews, research or a combination of these. Our emphasis is on projects that challenge and extend the boundaries of what we know as well as groundbreaking projects exploring new themes and topics.

In terms of range, we are interested in projects that fall within the following areas: memoir and narrative nonfiction, general interest essays, literary essays, personal essays, biography, literary journalism, social commentary, nature and science writing, urban narratives, travel writing, and food writing.

Please note that we are highly selective about literary nonfiction projects. We have a particular interest in writers who have been published in literary magazines or have completed a program in creative writing (such as an MFA).

If you are interested in submitting your work for consideration, please refer to our Submission Guidelines page.