What We Are Looking For

We’re actively seeking a wide range of general nonfiction projects with a fresh, contemporary sensibility. Emphasis is on serious, idea-driven, well-researched titles geared toward a sophisticated general readership.

Prospective clients seeking representation for general nonfiction book projects must be authorities in their field (e.g. academics, public intellectuals, historians, journalists, and other experts). Proposed projects should lay claim to originality in one way or another, either by taking existing debates and discussions in new directions, by offering a new way of looking at a topic or by exploring completely new themes and topics.

We welcome projects in the following areas: history, contemporary issues, political and social thought, literary criticism, cultural history, economics, the environment, sociology, religion, philosophy, gender and sexuality, indigenous issues, urbanism, art and visual culture, performing arts, architecture, film, science, technology, health and medicine, and psychology.

We’re happy to assess a book project strictly on the basis of its quality. However, our preference is for projects by writers with some experience writing for a general readership. This could be in the form of articles, essays or opinion pieces in newspapers or magazines. That said, we are willing to work with authors with academic or other specialist backgrounds, helping shape their book concepts for a general readership and offering them editorial guidance.

If you are interested in submitting your work for consideration, please refer to our Submission Guidelines page.