We offer our clients an integrated set of literary representation and management services. These include:

• Submitting projects to publishers and soliciting offers
• Negotiating contracts for the sale of publication rights
• Negotiating the sale of subsidiary rights—translation, film, TV, digital, etc.
• Collecting and distributing advances, royalties, and other income due

Our overall approach at Willenfield is simple. We leverage both big picture and granular thinking to navigate the publishing process. In addition to the core services we provide, clients enjoy the benefits of top-tier editorial guidance for each and every project. Drawing on our editorial experience and knowledge of the inner workings of publishing, we edit and polish clients’ manuscripts and book proposals prior to submission to publishers. Furthermore, we work closely with clients in the area of career planning . This is because we understand that publishing is a serious business and that in today’s fast-moving and competitive climate writers need to position themselves appropriately. We provide much-needed objectivity to help our clients think strategically about writing over the longer term, stay abreast of publishing trends and dynamics, and gain the knowledge they need to develop viable book projects every time. In addition, we consult with clients on creating strong online platforms so that they can compete effectively and dynamically in a changing publishing landscape.

The agency is committed to the highest standards in literary representation and management. We do not charge reading fees and neither do we charge for our time and expense in reviewing, editing, and developing projects for sale. In return for services provided, the agency receives 15% commission for domestic—Canadian and U.S.—sales, 20% for sales of film and television rights, and 20% to 25% for international rights sales.


AKIN AKINWUMI—Founder & Literary Agent

Akin believes that excellence in contemporary literature and writing should be recognized and supported. He established Willenfield Literary Agency specifically to cater to the representation needs of literary writers producing innovative, cutting-edge literary fiction and narrative nonfiction. Akin is highly plugged into developments in the literary sphere and attends international book fairs like Frankfurt, London, and Book Expo America. Passionate about nuanced expression in the written form, Akin has a background in academia, teaching, strategic communications, editing, and publishing. He holds a Master’s and PhD in human geography and has lived and worked across four continents.

Akin is particularly drawn to debut voices. He welcomes strong, compelling literary fiction and narrative nonfiction projects with something important to say about contemporary life and the human experience. He is editorially minded, systematic, and extremely hands-on, supporting client projects with a keen and strategic eye on outcomes.

In addition to all things literary, Akin is a fan of modern and contemporary art, independent and world cinema, and cutting-edge documentaries. You can reach him by email at and find him on Twitter @AEAkinwumi.

ALISON DAVIS—Administrative Assistant

Alison handles mail, processes submissions, and provides administrative support to Akin. Please note that she is not an agent and does not accept submissions.